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‘Overpowering Emotion’ by groovyscone, kindly rate and comment =)

If I wheedled a seventeenth century renaissance mace?


Would you get a private detective on the case?


If I gave you a seventy foot long red liquorice bootlace,


And presented it to you in an elaborate fancy seventy foot long purple case,


With such enthusiasm, good nature, flamboyance and pleasant grace,


And serenaded you with a 1000 Decibel, sub woofer, super speaker with double bass,


Would your soul flow with overpowering emotion,


So real and so true and as huge as the ocean?


Would you feel love and passion like a shot by injection?


Or just call somebody to arrange to have me sectioned?  



Peace and mucho mucho mucho gracias,

Jah Protect





In the biggest study of it’s kind and Alcohol has been shown to be the fourth most harmful substance in use in the UK, behind Methamphetamine, Heroin and Crack Cocaine.

Cannabis has been shown once again to be the least harmful drug in use by UK citizens.

If everyone is a criminal (or at least 8million in the UK) then does the law relating to the criminalisation of cannabis realistically have any application? I don’t think so.

If more people smoked weed at weekends, casualty wards all over the land would be empty, because when alcohol use goes down, violence goes down.

When cannabis use goes up, I speak for myself here, but I have never ‘kicked anyone’s head in’ (as would be the appropriate lingo for your average pissed up knobhead)

Peace and Groovy Vibes

Scone, Groovy

The Blue and Silver Rizla Conundrum/ E Cigarette withheld from public!

Gr00vaci0us Greetings to ALL! =)

For debate and discussion today, I bring to the table a very controversial and non sensical topic relating to the smoking habits of consumers of hand rolled cigarettes and joints in the UK. (and probably elsewhere in the world too)  Rizla Trivia
Smokers out there – What I want to know is, if you were to devour a delicious hand rolled cigarette (or joint) rolled with a silver or blue (thin) rizla, is there anybody out there who would say the following –

‘Hang on a minute this cig/joint just isn’t papery enough, I either need another rizla to wrap round it, or a sheet of A4, to enhance the flavour and taste’

Now as a youth I regularly smoked cigarettes and joints rolled with red or green rizla’s, and it never used to bother me, but having evolved to using the thinner more ecological, not as unhealthy blue or silver varieties, to commence smoking anything with red/green rizla’s feels like you are trying to inhale an ignited aeroplane sick bag…
Also TESCO and SAINSBURYS (in their express and local branches respectively) and possibly some other shops and garages, fail to stock thin varieties of blue/silver rizlas and only sell the evil red or greens?! Are they trying to kill people who smoke?? Or do smokers not have rights to a safer product? or is it in the interests of undisclosed parties to keep it as unhealthy as possible?

Tangent which springs to mind – World Health Organization blocking import of e-cigarettes (the vaporized healthy alterative to inhaling tobacco, providing nicotine without the damage caused by carbon monoxide, tar, etc)  See wiki page for full details. Another incredible story which came out of the woodwork about electronic cigarettes is that they were first patented in 1963, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_cigarette#Origins for story, if this product was invented in 1963 and distributed and manufactured and promoted instead of  having its production stalled for 45 years, the consequences could have easily saved the lives of hundreds of millions of people, who were not offered an easy and stress free way of cutting out the harmful ingredients in cigarettes, whilst maintaining there comforting nicotine addiction, rant over, back to the rizla hypocrisy!

THE MENTAL THING IS I CAN ONLY ASSUME THE REASON FOR THIS IS BECAUSE RED/GREEN SELL BETTER THAN BLUE/SILVER! Although I suspect the cannabis community favours blue or silver skins over the thick red green variety, I put this down to your average toker being more health conscious than your average tobacco addicted smoker, averaging fifteen cigarettes a day which is far more carcinogenic in comparison to the average recreational cannabis smoker’s average daily intake.
THE POINT I AM MAKING – Is why the hell do we even have thick red or green packet-ed rizlas on the market when their are thinner less unhealthy one’s available? What kind of moron would decide to use thick red or green rizlas? Are there people out there who just love that paper flavour to accompany their tobacco/herbal mixture?
SMOKERS OF THICK RIZLA’S –  Tobacco is harmful enough anyway, do yourself a favour and either quit altogether, or alternatively change to blue or silver rizla’s, I guarantee after a week you will not go back to EVIL thick rizla’s! And cannabis users who use thick skins, wise up and toke pure, get a bong/vape/pipe and boot the baccy altogether (and the papers too!!)

I hope this makes sense to at least one other person in the world apart from myself,

Jah Bless and Protect


Groovy Green GIGANTIC Greetings from groovyscone

Hello, Hullo, Hallo, Gr00vaci0us Greetings to ALL, Great to have you here in the deliciously delectable top-secret groovy corner of the world-wide-web*!

I am Scone, a UK-based, allotment gardener, aspiring writer of fiction, dog walker, vegetarian, Cannabis enthusiast,  appreciator of music/art/fiction and nature explorer.

Interests include –  meditation, reading/writing, sustainable organic vegetable cultivation, housing solutions made with recycled materials, communes and self sufficent living, fiction, George Orwell, theology/religion/philosophy/psychology/the mind/what people believe, making things (out of rubbish where possible),  I’m out of steam now, potentially more to come…

WHY AM I DOING THIS?! – Because as I plan on writing at least a novel at some stage in my lifetime, I figure that I need to practise writing, and soak up the wonderous criticism and insults and words of encouragement and advice that the worldwideweb* has to offer, but most of all I need to practise writing with a flare and passion!

As an anti facebook internet hermit, I need a platform for my thoughts, words, topics of interest, fictional short stories, incredible veg cultivation tips and recipes, and all things groovy so I can share them with you, world ;¬)

So hopefully you might have a vague idea what kind of English Gent I am. Please follow for more enlightened ramblings

Yours Groovaciously


PS – I realise ‘appreciator’ is not technically a word.

*World Wide Web is far quicker to say than it’s acronym ‘www.’ or ‘double you, double you, double you, dot’, thus from now on you may find it beneficial to recite (in conversation) ‘worldwideweb.amazon.com’ for example, as a swift and efficient alterative to it’s lengthy, monosyllabic, supposedly time saving , extensively abbrieviated counter part!