Here’s a clip from Newsnight of Russell Brand debating drug policy with the right wing editor of The Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens. Personally I think it’s brilliant that Brand is alerting the public to the need for a rapid rethink of our drugs policy in the UK.

Abstinence based recovery is the only way forward without knowing deep down that you are well and truly substance dependant. Brand is bang on! We need to urgently relax our attitude to a problem we will always have and need to tackle differently.

A point that Mr Brand failed to mention on Newsnight is that at least 50% or perhaps a far higher amount of class A/B/C drug users are not addicted, work full time jobs, and don’t have a destructive relationship with any drug. There are responsible users out there.

Also many many drugs are classed as ‘A’ when they have no addiction potential, and very little risk involved, certainly less than alcohol. For example, DMT, LSD, 2CB, 2CI and Cannabis Oil are all still classed as an ‘A’ in the eyes of the law, It is virtually impossible to get addicted (certainly not physically) to any of these drugs.

Good on you Russell for springing the issue further into the public consciousness.

Peace and Grooves