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The beginning of, and an exert from my novel –  Fluorescence Illuminated’ – By groovyscone


Chapter 1

Fluorescent Black, lay awake in bed late one evening, writhing in agony as he clutched at his huge, rounded, ulcerated belly. He was beginning to become frustrated with his almost daily burden of pain and imprisonment. After the second poisoning Black had suffered in this Hozacian month, the hospital dogs had immediately assumed him dead and sent his body to the cellar to be recycled. If not for regaining consciousness and very sharp thought, Black would most certainly, (and quite literally) be dog food.

When the hospital dogs had abandoned a presumably dead, Black, atop a pile of partially decomposing, cold, undistinguishable corpses. He had awakened almost instantly; the fear distilling his senses adequately enough (despite the poison coursing through him) for cautious action. Creeping slowly to his feet, Black felt around in the murky, almost opaque corridor. Sending an old tin mop bucket scuttling across the slimy concrete floor with his left boot, he took deep, timed breathes. As Black steadily began regaining his posture, he noticed the whirring wiz of machinery echoing mechanically from an air vent overhead.

Hauling himself high up, through the metallic ventilation shaft above him, Black slid onto his belly, wriggling methodically along, inch by inch, until coming to what he sensed must be an opening. A tiny diamond shaped, ray of light, glowed reassuringly from the pinnacle of the vast space above Black’s head.  Although this tiny beam of light was flashing like a strobe, it was barely perceivable to the Hozacian eye. If not for the deafening buzz of the perpetual spinning of fans above, Black would not have noticed the lightning speed, aluminium blades circling, centimetres from tufts of his gnarled black hair.

Finding a golden green flare amongst his pack, it dawned on Black just how useful these rechargeable, illuminating flares had become. In not only emitting an overpowering fluorescence, an almost blinding light, golden green flares also excelled more than any other substance in The Randromeda Galaxy, in making the activator not only enlightened, but also filled with ecstacy, wisdom, purpose and passion for the flares duration. Although typically a flare would only last the activator approximately a Hozacian hour, for reasons unbeknown to Black, they lasted him double this time.

Black held the flare tight to his body. Finding the miniscule indentation exactly parallel to the flares handle, he found his thumb and forced it into the indentation so that a microscopic patch of his print was visible to the flares biometric scanner. Immediately the flare kicked into life, illuminating everything. Black felt elation, hope and knowledge rise through him like a dam giving way and exploding, leaving an ocean to free fall through space and time. As the shiny metal walls lit up, and the complex network of rotating, chopping fans became apparent, Black noticed a small square passageway, which prior to the flare had been in total blackness. He dodged the towering slicing blades of the overhead fans like an amphetamine hawk, and easily crawled to safety down the now illuminated, square passageway.

To be Continued….

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This is the beginning segment of my novel, that I decided to write about a year ago, and I acually started about 2 days ago.  This is the reason I started my blog in the first place. To mix with likeminded people, and see what I can learn from the incredibly talented amazing’s out there.  ‘Like Jazz’ is a temporary title, until one evolves, because due to the advice of one of the groovier people out there, I have decided to freestyle my novel completely. At least initially anyway… So, no character development anywhere except my head, no plot, completely improvised.

I don’t have a clue if this is the best idea ever or, the opposite, only time and trial and error will tell.

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Peace and Love


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Poem – ‘Overpowering Emotion’ by groovyscone FEEDBACK PLEASE! =)


‘Overpowering Emotion’ by groovyscone, kindly rate and comment =)

If I wheedled a seventeenth century renaissance mace?


Would you get a private detective on the case?


If I gave you a seventy foot long red liquorice bootlace,


And presented it to you in an elaborate fancy seventy foot long purple case,


With such enthusiasm, good nature, flamboyance and pleasant grace,


And serenaded you with a 1000 Decibel, sub woofer, super speaker with double bass,


Would your soul flow with overpowering emotion,


So real and so true and as huge as the ocean?


Would you feel love and passion like a shot by injection?


Or just call somebody to arrange to have me sectioned?  



Peace and mucho mucho mucho gracias,

Jah Protect


Poem – ‘Geraldine’ by groovyscone – evil and groovy FEEDBACK equally APPRECIATED;¬)

Geraldine threw the expensive lampshade across the room,


Upon collision, sound emission, ‘BOOM’,


Irritation floods my mind, the bulb now piercing, I am blind


Unrelenting anger at humankind, Geraldine has crossed the line.



But that’s ok,


I was sick of that fucking lampshade anyway…

By groovyscone, all rights reserved!

Peace, Love, Harmony, sweet grooves,

G Scone