Poem – ‘Geraldine’ by groovyscone – evil and groovy FEEDBACK equally APPRECIATED;¬)

Geraldine threw the expensive lampshade across the room,


Upon collision, sound emission, ‘BOOM’,


Irritation floods my mind, the bulb now piercing, I am blind


Unrelenting anger at humankind, Geraldine has crossed the line.



But that’s ok,


I was sick of that fucking lampshade anyway…

By groovyscone, all rights reserved!

Peace, Love, Harmony, sweet grooves,

G Scone


8 thoughts on “Poem – ‘Geraldine’ by groovyscone – evil and groovy FEEDBACK equally APPRECIATED;¬)

  1. annotating60 says:

    Well, what can I say, you’ve got love and violence all in one place. Was the lampshade from Auschwitz? What did you do that made her so mad? Those are the things I want to know. Oh, yeah, how did thew bulb get in the lampshade? Too much ganja mann.

    • groovyscone says:

      Precisely the opposite, not enough Ganja, on this dismal rainy afternoon in Northern England!!

      The lampshade was merely my starting point for the poem, I randomised the words ‘expensive’ and ‘lampshade’ and decided to use them in a poem.

      The bulb didn’t get in the lampshade, when the lampshade was thrown is dislodged itself from the lampstand, electrical wire, and light bulb, that it was enjoying shading so much. To unveil a bright and unshaded 120 watt incredibly bright lightbulb,

      hence the temporary blindness, this is how it played out in my head anyway!

      I believe if they had any lampshades in Auschwitz, more than likely they would probably not be expensive one’s.

      This particular lampshade is from luxury goods megastore, Harrods, in London.

      I didn’t do anything to make Geraldine mad, she was on her period…

      I hope I’ve satisfied your questions, more to follow, thanks dude,

      peace scone

  2. Miss Rosen says:


    tis better to laugh than cry
    to smile than to claw out another’s eyes.

    remind me of this the next time i am in the dark ~*~

    • groovyscone says:

      I always say –

      ‘Don’t knock clawing out another’s eyes, until you’ve tried it, but smiling is fun too’

      Don’t worry Miss, you will never be in dark if you follow me ;¬)

      Thanks, and on a serious note, beautiful words =)



  3. Kira says:

    Very nice. I love the visuals you built here, keep up the great work!

    • groovyscone says:

      Thanks Kira =) Appreciate it, I’ve posted the opening three paragraphs for my newly started novel too now =) I’ve really enjoyed your blog, particularly the failure to communicate piece, wonderful. Take care Jah Bless Scone =)

  4. I like this! It’s concise and to the point. I really like the way “Upon collision, sound emission” flows. I do think this could be expanded on a bit, to play with the contrast between Geraldine’s anger and whatever emotion the narrator is feeling, also their relationship. It’s stuff I’m curious about, and it’s all well and good to explain it after, but you can’t do that sometimes when sharing poetry. You don’t have to literally state these things, but hinting at them will add another layer to the great foundation you have here.

    But really though, great work and keep it up!

    • groovyscone says:

      Thanks Margaret, I massively appreciate the advice, ‘Geraldine’ and poetry is general to be honest, was an experiment I started, to run along side my fiction writing, and having never written poetry since, childhood/or primary school, I had a go with ‘Geraldine’ so to speak!

      The advice is well thought of and vastly appreciated!

      Peace and Love

      Scone =)

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